jQuery Plugin Configuration


When you use the jQuery .filePicker plugin you can pass an object with options:

    url: 'uploader/index.php',
    maxFileSize: 10000000,



Url to the PHP file where the upload is handled.

  • Type: String
  • Default: n\a
  • Example uploader/index.php


Used to send data to the server.

  • Type: Object, Function
  • Default n/a
  • Example: {paramA : 'value 1', paramB: 'value 2'}

Or using a function:

data: function() { 
    return {
        paramA: 'value 1',
        paramB: $('#myinput').val(),

On the server side using the events you can access the data with:

$handler->on('upload.before', function ($file) use ($handler) {
    $valueA = $handler->request()->get('paramA'); // <=> $_POST['paramA']
    $valueB = $handler->request()->get('paramB'); // <=> $_POST['paramB']


The accepted file types.

  • Type: String (regular expression)
  • Default: n/a
  • Example /(\.|\/)(gif|jpe?g|png)$/i

Warning: Make sure to also set the accept_file_types PHP option too!


Files that should be handled as images. Used when displaying the thumbnail preview.

  • Type: String (regular expression)
  • Default: /(\.|\/)(gif|jpe?g|png)$/i


The minimum file size in bytes required.

  • Type: Number
  • Default: 1
  • Example 1000 (= 1 Kilobyte)


The maximum file size in bytes allowed.

  • Type: Number
  • Default: n/a
  • Example 10000000 (= 10 Megabyes)


The jQuery object / selector for the file input button.

  • Type: jQuery Object/ String
  • Default: input[type="file"] (inside the container)
  • Example: $('.file-input-btn')


Whether to upload multiple files in a single request.

  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: false


The number of files to upload when uploading multiple files in one request.

  • Type: Number
  • Default: n/a


The max size in bytes of each request when uploading multiple files in one request.

  • Type: Number
  • Default: n/a
  • Example: 10000000 (= 10 Megabyes)


The number of upload requests at the same time.

  • Type: Number
  • Default: n/a


An array of plugins to be used (ui, crop, drop, camera).

  • Type: Array
  • Default: []
  • Example: ['ui', 'drop']


An object with all error messages.

  • Type: Object
  • Default:
    uploadFallback: 'The browser does not support file uploads.',
    minFileSize: 'The file must be at least :min KB.',
    maxFileSize: 'The file may not be greater than :max KB.',
    postMaxSize: 'The file exceeds the post max size limit of :max MB.',
    invalidFileType: 'The file type is not allowed.',
    error: 'Oops! Something went wrong.',
    abort: 'The operation was aborted.'

    // UI plugin
    processing: 'Processing...',
    deleteFail: 'Could not delete file :file.',

    // Camera plugin
    cameraError: 'Could not access the camera.',
    cameraFallback: 'Your browser does not support the camera feature.',

    // Crop plugin
    cropLoadFail: 'Could not load the image.',
    cropSaveFail: 'Could not save the image.'