Release Notes

2.0.7 (2021-10-01)

  • Update jQuery dependency.

2.0.6 (2021-04-10)

  • Added support for PHP 8.0.

v2.0.5 (2019-02-24)

  • Fixed camera plugin.
  • Fixed crop plugin.
  • Fixed script_url.

v2.0.4 (2018-01-05)

  • Detect https for the default script_url

v2.0.3 (2017-12-13)

  • Fixed bug introduced in the last update

v2.0.2 (2017-12-12)

  • Fixed transparent PNG images
  • Fixed url encoded filenames

v2.0.1 (2017-07-27)

  • Fixed ajax method.
  • Fixed merge options.
  • Fixed orientate image.

v2.0.0 (2016-05-24)

  • Fix file validation (filepicker.js).
  • Fix array syntax and scope for PHP 5.3 (BaseUploader.php).

v2.0.0-beta.1 (2016-04-25)

In this version Filepicker has been rewritten from scratch. Now it has more options and events, it's easier to customize replace default functionality and integrate. Because of the major changes there is no upgrade guide.

The v1.0 will still have support for bugs and security.



  • The events don't use the Event class anymore.
  • Changed the event to upload.error.
  • Changed some messages.
  • The DELETE in the REST API now returns 200 with an object.
  • Passing a request instance to the Handler::handle is optional.
  • The jQuery .filePicker plugin has been rewritten from scratch.
  • The formData option is now data.
  • Separate the UI and Drop from the core (events and options).
  • Changed assets and plugins.
  • Changed the JavaScript templates.
  • Renamed the Webcam plugin to Camera.
  • Renamed JavaScript events.
  • Switched to Cropper.


  • Removed files.get and file.get events. Use files.fetch and files.filter.
  • Removed Event class to simplify the event system.
  • Removed sorting_order option. Use sort.
  • Removed image_versions.crop Use image_versions.width and image_versions.height.
  • Removed debug option in the jQuery plugin.
  • Removed Flash support for the Webcam (now Camera) plugin.

v1.0.5 (2015-11-01)


  • Add reject_file_types option to reject certain file types.

v1.0.4 (2015-07-23)


  • Fix method call.
  • Pass quality param.

v1.0.3 (2015-06-25)


  • Use PHP 5.3 array syntax.

v1.0.2 (2015-06-19)


  • Fix autoload bug from the 1.0.1.

v1.0.1 (2015-06-13)


  • Pass files array.
  • Add Handler::getUploader method.


  • Fix events array.

v1.0.0 (2015-05-22)

  • Initial release.