CodeIgniter 3 Integration


  • You have Composer installed on your machine.

  • Composer autoload is enabled. In application/config/config.php make sure $config['composer_autoload'] is set to FCPATH.'vendor/autoload.php' (or whatever path you have composer installed in).

  • The url helper is loaded in application/config/autoload.php ($autoload['helper'] = array('url');).

  • You have set $config[base_url'] in application/config/config.php.


Copy the assets folder to your CodeIgniter root directory and the uploader folder into your application/third_party directory.

Edit your composer.json file and add the following line to the psr-4 autoload:

"Hazzard\\Filepicker\\": "application/third_party/uploader/src"

It should look like this.

Then run:

composer require hazzard/config
composer require intervention/image 2.2.*
composer require symfony/http-foundation 2.6.*
composer dumpautoload

Create a Filepicker controller and add:


use Hazzard\Filepicker\Handler;
use Hazzard\Filepicker\Uploader;
use Intervention\Image\ImageManager;
use Hazzard\Config\Repository as Config;

class Filepicker extends CI_Controller
     * Handle an incoming HTTP request.
    public function index()
        $handler = new Handler(
            new Uploader($config = new Config, new ImageManager)

        $config['debug'] = true;

        // Path to the files directory (files).
        $config['upload_dir'] =  FCPATH . 'files';

        // Url to the files directory.
        $config['upload_url'] = base_url('/files');

        // Handle the request.

In your view make sure to set the url option to "<?php echo site_url('filepicker') ?>" (or whatever route you choose).