If you wish to edit something in the JavaScript/Sass files, you have to compile them with Laravel Mix.

From your terminal, cd into the laravel-comments directory and install the npm dependencies (Node >= 8.10 required):

With npm:

npm install

Or the recommended way, with Yarn:


After you make your changes run npm run build to compile the assets.

Each time the assets are compiled you have to run php artisan vendor:publish --provider=Hazzard\Comments\CommentsServiceProvider --tag=public --force to override them in your public directory.

Or you edit the webpack.mix.js and change the publicPath variable:

const publicPath = './../public/vendor/comments'

Assuming that you have the laravel-comments folder in your project root directory.


If you wish to customize the views run:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider=Hazzard\Comments\CommentsServiceProvider --tag=views --force

Then edit them from resources/views/vendor/comments.


See Overriding Vendor Language Files.