This guide assumes that you already know how to install and configure Laravel.

Install Ajax Comment System

  1. In your app directory, create a comments folder and extract all the files from the archive you have downloaded from CodeCanyon.

*If you use Laravel >= 5.2, edit app/comments/src/Http/routes.php and add the web middleware:

Route::group(['namespace' => 'Hazzard\Comments...', 'middleware' => 'web'], function ($router)

*If you you use Laravel 5.3 edit each file from app/comments/src/Jobs/ and remove implements SelfHandling.

  1. Edit your composer.json file and add the following line to the psr-4 autoload:

    "Hazzard\\Comments\\": "app/comments/src/"

    And this one to your dependencies (require):

    "s9e/text-formatter": "^0.4"

    In your terminal/console run composer install.

  2. Add Hazzard\Comments\CommentsServiceProvider::class to your providers array in config/app.php and run:

    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Hazzard\Comments\CommentsServiceProvider"

    This command will publish the configuration file (config/comments.php), the assets folder (public/vendor/comments) and the database migrations *.

    Notice: The script assumes that you have already have the users table installed.

  3. Finally, run:

    php artisan migrate
  4. Head over to the Usage section to get started.

* The migrations will add 3 tables comments, comment_votes, comment_options and a role field to your users table. This field will be used to determine if the the authenticated user is an admin or a regular user.

Notice: If your app already has another method to determine that, then delete the ..._add_users_role_column.php migration from the database/migrations directory.

Clone Ajax Comment System Demo

You can clone the demo version from the GitHub repository. Run:

git clone

Now you can continue with the normal installation. This demo requires you to have reCAPTCHA configured.

Requirements and Browser Support

Laravel Comments requires Laravel >= 5.1.9 and supports the following browsers (desktop and mobile): Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari MS Edge and IE9+.