The general options for the script are stored in app/config/app.php.

You can change the script debug mode, url, name, color scheme, language, timezone, encryption key, etc.


The url is the url to the script files. For example if your website is "" and you have copied the script file in the root directory, then the url will be the same as the website url. But if you have the script files into another directory, "elp", then the url will be "". Try to avoid using "www" in the url because the AJAX may not work.

The key is used to encrypt the cookies in the browser. This should be set to a random 32 character string. Use extra/generate_key.php to generate a key.


See the Mail section.


It's highly recommended to use captcha for preventing spam.

To enable Captcha first set the captcha option to true in app/config/auth.php. Next, visit reCAPTCHA, click on the Sign up Now button, enter your Domain and click Register.

Once created click on the domain name and copy the Site Key and Secret Key to app/config/services.php under the recaptcha section like this:

'recaptcha' => array(
    'public_key'  => 'your-site-key',
    'private_key' => 'your-secret-key'


The options for Authentication are stored in app/config/auth.php.

You can set if you want users to have a username, allow them to change the username, allow to delete their account, send email activation links, set the default role ID, enable captcha, set the login redirect url and set the Social Authentication providers.


The default_role_id must be the role ID that you want the new user to have when they sign up.

If you enable email_activation make sure you have set the an e-mail.

Private Messages

The options for Private Messages are stored in app/config/pms.php. The options allow you enable/disable the realtime feature, change the messages maxlength, limit and the website webmaster. The webmaster must be set to the ID of the admin. By default is set 1, the ID of the admin account created by the script.


The options for Comments are stored in app/config/comments.php. The options allow you to enable manual moderation, add restricted works, add blacklisted/whitelisted users, set how many comments you want to display per page and other settings.

The script has with support for unicode emoji but you can also add short codes:

// app/init.php
Hazzard\Formatting\Emoji::add(':)', '1F600'); // U+1F600

Enable Admin Configuration

EasyLogin Pro allows you to change the script options without having to edit the config files. However this may affect the performance of your website.

To enable, open app/init.php and search for Database Config Loader, then uncomment the these lines:

$app->instance('config', new Config($loader));

Now if you go to the Admin Panel admin.php you'll see a new section for Settings. Please note that in this documentation everything is referred to the file configuration, but since the name of the options are similar, there should not be a problem when changing the configuration from the Admin Panel.

Even if you enable this feature, the script will still look for the configuration options in the configuration files if the options does not exists in the database, basically will merge them.

Also not all configuration options will be available in the Admin Panel for obvious reasons.