For integration see Comments Integration


The configuration options for comments are stored in app/config/comments.php.


To enable the smilies set 'use_smilies' => true. You have to also define the smilies images in app/config/smilies.php. By default the script does not have the actual images included. You can use your own images or buy these

Restricted Words

Comments containing these words will require moderator approval before being published.

'restricted_words' => array('badword1', 'badword2'),

Blacklist and Whitelist

Using the blacklist option you can define a list of user IDs that will not be able the post comments.

'blacklist' => array(1, 2, 3),

Using the whitelist option you can define a list of user IDs that will bypass the "Restricted Words" filter.

'whitelist' => array(1, 2, 3),


To enable HTML Tags set 'kses' => true. By default the script allows all the HTML tags defined in src/Hazzard/Formatting/Kses.php in the getDefaultAllowedTags method. You can change the list of allowed tags like this:

'allowed_tags' => array(
   'a'   => array(
        'href' => true
   'b'   => true,
   'img' => array(
        'src' => true

The same thing applies for allowed_entities, allowed_protocols and allowed_css.

Be very careful what HTML Tags you allow!

Comments Class

The main class is src/Hazzard/Comments/Comments.php and has all the methods, but there is also the Comment model stored in app/models/Comment.php that represents a comment entity.

Comment Votes

By default the comment votes are disabled. To enable follow these stepts:

  • Edit app/models/Comment.php and uncomment line 102.
  • Edit app/views/comments.php and uncomment lines 55, 144, 163.