Upgrade Guide

Git Changes

You can view the all the changes on git.hazzardweb.com.

Upgrading To 1.3.3

  • Replace oauth.php
  • Replace src/Hazzard/Support/Recaptcha.php
  • Replace assets/js/vendor/jquery.imgpicker.js

Upgrading To 1.3.2

Replace the vendor directory.

Upgrading To 1.3.1

Replace the vendor directory.

Upgrading To 1.3.0

Updating Dependencies

  • Replace vendor and composer.json
  • For PHP < 5.4 copy and replace the contents from the extra/php53-compat to the root directory of the script


  • Replace src/Hazzard/Encryption and app/init.php


  • Replace src/Hazzard/Mail, app/views/admin/options-services.php and app/views/admin/options-mail.php
  • Add 'sparkpost' => array('secret' => ''), in app/config/services.php

Exception Handler

  • Replace src/Hazzard/Exception/Handler.php and app/init.php


  • Delete app/config/smiles.php
  • Replace app/views/comments.php
  • Add src/Hazzard/Formatting directory
  • Replace src/Hazzard/Comments/Comments.php
  • Replace assets/js/comments.js and assets/css/comments.css


Only if you want to add Spotify as an oauth provider.

  • Add src/OAuth/UserData/Extractor/Spotify.php
  • Add .connect.spotify{background: #2ebd59;} in assets/css/main.css
  • Add 'spotify' => array('user-read-email', 'user-read-birthdate'), in oauth.php under $scopes
  • Add 'spotify' => array('id' => '', 'secret' => ''), in app/config/services.php
  • Add // 'spotify' => 'Spotify', in app/config/auth.php under the providers array


  • Replace src/Hazzard/Database/Query.php
  • In app/config/database.php change charset to utf8mb4 and collation to utf8mb4_unicode_ci

To enable utf8mb4 for your old database dump your tables and data into a .sql file then edit it and replace CHARSET=utf8 with CHARSET=utf8mb4.

Now run ALTER DATABASE your_database_name CHARACTER SET = utf8mb4 COLLATE = utf8mb4_unicode_ci; to convert the database and import back the .sql file.

Alternatively, you can follow this guide and only change the charset for the tables and collumns you want.


  • Replace src/Hazzard/Support/Str.php
  • Replace src/Hazzard/Support/ImagePicker.php
  • Replace src/Hazzard/Validation/Validator.php

Upgrading To 1.2.11

  • Copy extra/facebook-fix/Facebook.php to vendor/lusitanian/oauth/src/OAuth/OAuth2/Service.
  • Replace src/Hazzard/Support/helpers.php @ csrf_filter
  • PHP 7.1 only: replace error_reporting(-1); with error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED); in app/init.php.

Upgrading To 1.2.10

  • Replace src/OAuth/UserData/Extractor/Facebook.php. This is only required if your Facebook app is >= 2.8.

Upgrading To 1.2.9

  • Replace oauth.php
  • Replace app/views/admin/users.php
  • Replace src/OAuth/UserData/Extractor/Twitter.php
  • Replace src/Hazzard/User/Fields.php and FieldsServiceProvider.php

Upgrading To 1.2.8

  • Replace ajax.php@ajax_send_message
  • Replace extra/linkedin/index.php
  • Add src/Hazzard/Database/Expression.php
  • Replace src/Hazzard/Database/Connection.php and Query.php

Upgrading To 1.2.7

  • Replace ajax.php
  • Replace src/Hazzard/Support/helpers.php
  • Replace src/Hazzard/Support/Recaptcha.php
  • Replace src/Hazzard/Support/DataTables.php
  • Replace src/Hazzard\Messages/Message.php
  • Replace assets/js/main.js
  • Replace assets/js/easylogin.js
  • If you are using the versions with JavaScript (default, inline or basic-ajax), replace display_captcha() with display_captcha_tag() in signup.php, activation.php and reminder.php.

Upgrading To 1.2.6

  • Replace src/Hazzard/Support/DataTables.php

Upgrading To 1.2.5

  • Replace ajax.php (ajax_avatar function)
  • Replace assets/js/vendor/jquery.imagepicker.js
  • Replace src/Hazzard/Support/ImagePicker.php

Upgrading To 1.2.4

  • Replace app/models/Comment.php (toArray method)
  • Replace src/Hazzard/Support/helpers.php (mb_substr function)
  • Replace app/models/User.php
  • Replace app/views/modals/settings.php
  • Replace assets/css/comments.css (.comment-text)
  • Replace src/Hazzard/Database/Query.php (compileOrders method)

Upgrading To 1.2.3

This update brings some OAuth fixes for Facebook and Linkedin as well as few other minor fixes and tweaks.

Visit git.hazzardweb.com and browse the easylogin-pro repository's commits to see the extact changes (starting from May 16, 2015).

  • Replace app/models/User.php (or just the generateAvatar method).
  • Replace ajax.php (or just the ajax_avatar function).
  • Replace oauth.php. If you are using Linkedin you need to install it again.
  • Replace the src/OAuth directory.
  • (Optional) Replace the vendor directory. If you are using Mailgun or Mandrill install the API drivers again.

Upgrading To 1.2

The 1.2 upgrade consists mostly in some bug fixes (nothing related to security) and cleaning up few things. It also brings the new reCAPTCHA and few things here and there.

Since there are a lot of small changes a lot of files if you want to upgrade from 1.1.4 you'll have to go to git.hazzardweb.com, log in with your Purchase Code from CodeCanyon and then go to the Commits tab scroll down, click on the Older button until you find this commit Fixed comment moderation option made on 13/01/2015 21:52:23. From there go up and see what files have changed and change yours too. Also make sure to replace the vendor directory because all packages have been updated.

Upgrading To 1.1

The 1.1 update brings the comment system, some bug fixes (mostly for PHP<5.4) and some other changes.
If you don't want the comment system and you don't have any issues you don't have to upgrade.

Recommended would be to a fresh install, but if that's not the case follow these steps:

  • Edit app/config/app.php and add 'Hazzard\Comments\CommentsServiceProvider' to the providers array and 'Comments' => 'Hazzard\Support\Facades\Comments', to the aliases array.
  • Add app/config/comments.php and app/config/smilies.php
  • Replace app/lang/en (or replace only the necessary lines)
  • Replace app/models/User.php
  • Add app/models/Comment.php and app/models/CommentVote.php
  • Delete app/storage/services.json
  • Replace app/views (or only replace header.php, footer.php, modals/load.php, modals/settings.php and add comments.php)
  • Replace app/events.php
  • Replace assets/css (or only replace pms.css, main.css, bootstrap-custom.css, admin.css and add modal-only.css, comments.css, vendor/bootstrap-noconflict.min.css)
  • Replace assets/js (or only replace main.js, admin.js, vendor/jquery.imgpicker.js and add comments.js, embed-comments.js, vendor/iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js, vendor/iframeResizer.min.js)
  • If you have used anything from extra replace as well.
  • Import extra/comments.sql
  • Add comments.php and embed-comments.php
  • Replace ajax.php, settings.php
  • Replace src/ImagePicker/ImgPicker.php
  • Replace src/Hazzard (or only replace Auth, Database/Query.php, Database/Model.php, Support/DataTables.php, Support/helpers.php, Validation/ValidationServiceProvider.php and add Comments, Support/Facades/Comments.php, Support/Kses.php)