Upgrade Guide

Git Changes

You can view the all the changes on git.hazzardweb.com by logging in with your Envato account.

Upgrading To 2.0.5 From 2.0.4

  • Replace comments/src/Auth/Guard.php
  • Replace comments/events.php @ admin.login (only if you use the default authentication system)
  • Replace comments/src/Comments/Comment.php

Upgrading To 2.0 From 1.2

Because of the major changes from the previous version, you can't just update the script. Also the old database tables are not compatible with the new ones.

Howerver, you can use the Upgrade Tool and transfer your comments from the old table to the new one. Make sure you backup everything and test it locally first.

To begin you will need 2 databases. One for the new comments and another one for the old comments. First make sure you have installed the script.

Transferring The Comments

Make an upgrade folder, then copy the files from the Upgrade Tool inside that folder. Next edit upgrade/database.php and configure your old database connection.

Now open in your browser upgrade/comments.php to transfer your comments.

Transferring The Users

Only if you used the old authentication driver and want to transfer the users to the new table, open in your browser upgrade/users.php.

Because the new authentication driver uses another password hashing algorithm you'll have to change it so it matches to the old one. Edit comments/src/Auth/Hasher.php and uncomment the commented lines.